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Tips to cope with the first stage of spiritual awakening

Many of us who are in the very first stage of our journey experience overpowering grief, as a result of which, we close ourselves in our own house of darkness because we think people don't understand us. In fact, this is something that will only aggravate the sadness. Here are a few steps that will help bring some happiness in your life and help you progress further in this journey.

1. The very first thing to do is to NOT keep things to yourself. This is what often happens, people isolate themselves from everyone, but this isn't right. Talk about it with friends or even strangers whom you think, are feeling the same waves of emotions. If you don't feel comfortable talking to anyone, then, write out your feelings. Make your own diary, you don't have to write entries everyday and be regular at that, it's not your school subject register! You simply have to write when you are overwhelmed with negative emotions like hopelessness, anger, irritability, or when you are low…

What is Spiritual Awakening?

If you are reading this then it means that you feel as if suddenly the entire world, in which you have been living for years, seems strange to you, as if you never belonged to this planet! suddenly, you feel distant from the people you were once very close to, you start questioning yourself  like, "What is happening to my life, to me?", "Why am I not happy?", "How come things have stopped going my way?" and some time later, when you have braved this phase of extreme sadness, you will start questioning the purpose of your life.

Even if you feel as if you are being sucked in a black hole and you are striving to keep yourself from letting it consume you, the truth is that all this is happening because you have been awakened. All this while, you have been asleep. When I say "you", I mean your soul. This is something that doesn't feel good at all, you wish to have your happy moments back, you may cry your eyes out and spend sleepless nights and b…