Tips to cope with the first stage of spiritual awakening

Many of us who are in the very first stage of our journey experience overpowering grief, as a result of which, we close ourselves in our own house of darkness because we think people don't understand us. In fact, this is something that will only aggravate the sadness. Here are a few steps that will help bring some happiness in your life and help you progress further in this journey.

1. The very first thing to do is to NOT keep things to yourself. This is what often happens, people isolate themselves from everyone, but this isn't right. Talk about it with friends or even strangers whom you think, are feeling the same waves of emotions. If you don't feel comfortable talking to anyone, then, write out your feelings. Make your own diary, you don't have to write entries everyday and be regular at that, it's not your school subject register! You simply have to write when you are overwhelmed with negative emotions like hopelessness, anger, irritability, or when you are low on confidence and the like. You could also paint out your emotions or do anything creative that you feel harmonizes with your emotions.

2. Travel- when I use the word travel, you don't necessarily have to travel different countries and take tours to Europe or visit Indian Ashrams or temples. By travelling I mean, getting out of your room, home, from the corner you use to sit and cry. Hang out with people as much as you can, this will distract you from overthinking which is a common symptom experienced my people in this stage. If your friends or relatives aren't free to travel with you, then hangout with your best friend- YOU! just hit a mall, throw some money out of your pocket, buy stuff for yourself or simply walk in a park with your earphones on. The only purpose of doing this is to distract your mind from overthinking which can make you even more unhappy.

3. Do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that brings even the tiniest of amount of happiness to you (this doesn't mean that you become a sadist, a drug addict, or an alcoholic!) Do NOT care about what others have to say about your sudden changed demeanor. It's your journey, and only you can travel on it, so follow your heart and make your mind stop talking too much.

4. Meditate.- As mentioned in the above point, stop your mind from talking too much. It is only then when you will be at peace. A way of doing this is to meditate. I know this is an era old cliche, but the catch here is that you don't really have to sit in the typical yoga position with crossed legs and your hands on your lap and your eyes closed. You can simply search meditating music on YouTube and plug in your earphones to your device. Trust me, the Euphoria by doing this would be equivalent to the euphoria felt while meditating. This is a tried and tested method!

5. Read- I understand that not everyone is a reading enthusiast but I suggest you read novels of philosophical genre like 'Brida', 'The Zahir' by Paulo Coelho, 'Life is what you make it' by Preeti Shenoy, (buy here) 'The Awakening' by Kate Chopin, 'Mahashweta' by Sudha Murthy (buy here) and last on this list, Keys To The Cage: How People Cope With Depression (buy here). Once you start reading such novels, you will immediately connect to the story and the characters and feel stronger from within.

Remember that all the mentioned points are simply suggestions from my own personal experience and I respect the fact that everyone has their own way of dealing with emotional pain, so, always follow your heart and implement your own methods that give you comfort and share some with me and my blogging partner as well. That way I will be able to know you guys better!


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