What is Spiritual Awakening?

If you are reading this then it means that you feel as if suddenly the entire world, in which you have been living for years, seems strange to you, as if you never belonged to this planet! suddenly, you feel distant from the people you were once very close to, you start questioning yourself  like, "What is happening to my life, to me?", "Why am I not happy?", "How come things have stopped going my way?" and some time later, when you have braved this phase of extreme sadness, you will start questioning the purpose of your life.

Even if you feel as if you are being sucked in a black hole and you are striving to keep yourself from letting it consume you, the truth is that all this is happening because you have been awakened. All this while, you have been asleep. When I say "you", I mean your soul. This is something that doesn't feel good at all, you wish to have your happy moments back, you may cry your eyes out and spend sleepless nights and beg God to listen to your prayers and stop the "pain", but it is important. Just like a diamond isn't a diamond until it is beaten and scraped and shaped with heavy tools and like gold that shines even brighter when burnt, your soul too is going through this "painful process" manifested by the universe to transform you into a refined soul. This may sound absolutely rubbish to you, but the truth is that YOU have been CHOSEN by the universe to become guides and helpers for others and trust me, you are LUCKY to have been chosen from the billions of people living in this world because unlike others, you have the potential and strength to endure the pain and reach a higher level of self.

Don't trust my words, see for yourself. You will start noticing that your view point about almost everything has changed, you have started seeing things from a vantage point, you have started developing talents like writing, painting, poetry, playing musical instruments etc. and that you have started feeling nonchalant about everything. You would start meeting new people who understand you in the form of mentors, teachers, lovers, friends etc. or you would suddenly start getting closer to people whom you always knew but never showed interest in talking to. Your intuition would slowly get sharper, you would be warned by it from any greater difficulties in life and will be guided by it in your journey to awakening.

You might question, what exactly is intuition?
It can be dreams, numbers appearing again and again in front of you in the form of dreams or may be on your phone or on the clock in your house, or numbers on the lift, car number plates,etc., or, it could simply be an inner knowing, a sixth sense as people say! You would 'just know'!

The only thing to remember is that you are not alone, there are people like you who feel like you and would connect to you in some or the other way exactly at the time you would need them. As soon as you begin this journey, you will be guided and protected by some positive energy all the time, you will even be able to feel its presence sometimes.

Remember that God is within us, a thoroughly refined soul is God. You are simply in the process of finding God within you.


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