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How colours affect our present and future

Hello everyone!!
This week I have come up with a series of colour interpretations. See how colours affect our present and future.
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Be Spiritual, Be Happy!! :) :)

How I Coped with depression

Hello Everyone!! 🙋‍♀️
Here's another video and this time it's on my own experience with depression.

Hope you will be able to connect with it.

Be Spiritual, Be Happy! 😇😀

Explore Jaipur in 3 days | Weekend Trip | The Guides

Welcome to our travelogue!
India is an amazing place to explore. From beaches, mountains to volcanoes, you will get it all! But such a big place with thousands of options, it is very easy to get confused. This post will be covering the places that we visited in Jaipur, how to reach there, how much did it cost us, and the review of the hotel that we stayed in. This was a trip of 3 nights and 4 days. So, if you are an Indian who wishes to have a change in your humdrum or a foreign tourist who has a passion for ancient and royal architecture and beauty, then please keep reading.

Start It was Thursday evening and we had a bus to catch at 7.30 PM. The bus was a volvo which we had booked at R.S.R.T.C's website which cost us approximately INR 800 each and INR 1600 to and fro (lesser for female travelers). The bus was on time and we reached Sindhi Camp bus station at 12.30 AM. Stay