6 Signs of depression

According to WHO, over 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. You could be one of them if you have these signs. Read along to know more.

Here are 6 symptoms of early depression. If you have at last 3 of them, do not ignore it like it's nothing because depression only gets worse if left untreated. 

1. Constant sadness
Here, I am not talking about lypophrenia (a phenomenon of unexplained, sudden and non-recurrent sadness). Rather, I am talking about persistent sadness. The feeling of heart sinking in grief. The feeling of being sucked in a black hole. If this is due to no apparent reason, then, this could be a possible symptom of clinical depression.

2. Difficulty doing routine work
One of the most common signs of depression is the inability to do tasks that have been a routine and not at all difficult to do. For example, something as easy and basic as self hygiene becomes a great deal. Nothing really changes around you to make you like this, but something within you definitely changes that makes you like this. The moment you start feeling like so, you need to stop and ask yourself, what really is wrong? If you don't find any answer, then, you should seek help.

3. Lack of energy
The feeling of constant lethargy is again one of the most common sign of depression. People suffering from depression feel drained of energy even if they do virtually nothing. They don't feel like doing even those things that are absolutely necessary. Feeling sleepy all the time, the feeling of doing nothing at all! For example, simply staring at the ceiling or eating anything that can be grabbed in the easiest way just for the sake of feeding oneself. 

4. Lack of concentration
Because of the sudden occurrence of a zillion things gorging your mind, it becomes extremely difficult to concentrate at any task at hand. This is especially true while reading or studying or doing anything that needs utmost concentration.

5. Nocturnal gloom
Though not common, but still a very important sign is of sadness aggravating during night time. Negative thoughts are at the highest occurrence at this time which makes a person extremely hopeless and prone to ending one's life. Suicidal thoughts are very common during this time.

6. Extreme irritability
If the most trivial things that you used to laugh upon have started irritating you and have made you too sensitive, then, it could be a sign of depression. A lot of times, very small issues can make people angry to an extent that ruins their relations forever. 
Do not ignore these signs thinking that you would get fine because that doesn't happen on its own.

Depression has many causes. It could be because of an incident in your life, because of some medications as well as genetic and once it has begun, it won't go on its own. It might become dormant for some time, but it won't eradicate completely unless you treat it.

Also, another thing to note here is that people suffering from depression are prone to getting depressed in the future as well and that's why it becomes all the more important to take it seriously. Remember that your mental health is as important as your physical health. Despite of your own loved ones not being able to understand what's going inside of you, your illness does affect them indirectly because of your changed behaviour.

Your pain is first yours, take it seriously, your happiness is your own responsibility!


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