A true Love Story

This is a story of a young man and a woman, pretty much like any other love story. But it has just two special things- 
a) It is real, and
b) It maps the stages of a twin-flame union
I don't guarantee a unique, different love story that you might be expecting. Also, I am warning you in advance that the spice-less recipe of the story is such that it might taste bland to many and toothsome to others, but, however it may be perceived, It is something untouched and pure and could be inspiring for people in matters of love of all kind.

They are millennial, born to middle-class, conservative Hindu parents, living absolutely unknown to each other in different places in the same country.  The man and the woman had a tumultuous childhood. A childhood fraught of fights, embarrassments and loss and discouragement.
Everything went fine until they both started feeling that something was changing within them. They had started noticing a change in their own little world. They had to leave their own small worlds in order to enter the universe. After little tremors in their life, it was time for them to come face to face for the first time. They both met in a study circle while still in school. The man saw a light in her, he found something...everything in her. The woman on the other hand, was on a lower spiritual wavelength than the man and that's why her thoughts were still clouded by the views and judgement of the society and so, she didn't even care about the presence of the man around her. The man thought she was out of her league. It was not the time for them to unite.
A few years later, they both started experiencing the pain of seeing the world of wax melting to reveal the real world. They both were in immense emotional pain. This pain drew them closer. For them, each other's presence was therapeutic. The woman by then, had lost quite a lot of her negative attributes that were hindering her spiritual growth and the man on the flip side, had experienced the power of love. Their union for a short while could not be continued because they still weren't at the same vibrational frequency.

(Photo by Jeremy Perkins )

Now was the time for their separation. The woman had to realize her love for him and the man had to pass the test of his love for her. After two years of separation, they united again, but this time, both being in the same vibrational frequency but with different mindsets. The man in front of her now, walked inside a set of sheer walls which he built around him to protect himself from further emotional damage. The woman in front of the man was all ready to soak in and pour out all the love in the world. She had become a healer. They both united, but the sweet struggle is still on. Each minute of their conversation, every step they take in their stroll together, every occasional meal they have together, every added item in their sharing list, each word they utter, every gesture that speaks love for each other, each and everything, however small or big, is being contributed by the universe to make them one.

When they look back in time, they feel how immature they were, how wise they needed to become and how much they had to change and shed to reveal their own skin. Every struggle now makes sense to them. They realize how blessed they are to have one another because they have seen how loneliness devours a soul. They realize that every event that happened in their life till now was for a purpose, so that they can rise above of what is unreal.
This story teaches us few very important lessons:
1) Just like you cannot recognize yourself if you see yourself in the mirror for the first time, you cannot recognize happiness outside if you haven't felt it within.
2) Anything that is not under our control happens for a higher purpose. We need to be patient.
3) Love is a blessing. Accept it, value it, and cherish it.


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    1. Thank you so much!! :) This encourages me to do better.


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