A true story of one-sided corporate love

I am a young, witty, handsome and capable man. At least, this is what people tell me. I have had a fairly good life when it comes to family and life in general. I am a romantic at heart which is something I don't reveal to the world. I have seen ups and downs in life and I have emerged strong.

My life was perfectly smooth until I met a girl about 4 months back at my workplace. It was her first day there. From that day on, I have tried my best to steal as many glances of her as possible. I have been interested in her but I never made it obvious and that's because, one, I am too shy and, two, I am a person of commitments and that's why judging a book by its cover is just not me!

I see her walking from office and offer her lift which she refuses each time (something that attracts me even more). We all have lunch together, we interact, I get to know her a little. Days pass like this. Then, her work increases and my trips off-office. We interact much less, I am not very happy about it. But I don't blame anyone. For days, we don't get to talk at all. Work to be blamed for this. 

Suddenly, she sends me a Facebook friend request request, I am both, happy and shocked. I accept it. We chat, chat and chat, in and after office, during and after work. I am getting very close to her. Our silly chit-chats are drowning me in something dense...something called, love?

One day, after office, she asks me to drop her somewhere nearby, I gladly agree. I am a little shy though, but I agree. We talk, I get to know her as a person. I love her even more. I am very happy to have met her because I know she is the kind of a girl I want to marry. I know that she can keep me happy and I can shower upon her all that I have.

I am at my place, drunk, sad, extremely sad, because she is leaving, she is leaving office and that she is with someone else and she truly loves him. something inside me is breaking. Is it hope?
Just about a week is left for her to leave, we talk a lot, over phone and messages. I am growing closer to her and I sense she too is. Four days pass like this, with my feelings for her deepening every single day and my hope breaking a little more every single night. Its her last day and she tells me that she will miss me a lot and that she is very sad to leave the office. To this I reply that something is breaking inside me and there is a pain in my heart. That day she asks me drop her but I refuse. I refuse because I won't be able to let her go, I won't be able to contain my feelings for her, I will not be able to see her go... I would break down.

Its her last day and I am seeing her leave. I have accepted it already but my heart still aches. I respect her and love her and that's why I distance myself from her. This is the only medicine to my pain. I know I will be fine, I know, she too will, but, I want to live with this sweet pain for sometime...these are the memories of her that I have.

Today, I stand tall and proud. I am a man who lets his love make her own decisions and choices. I am a man of dignity because my love for her is pure and doesn't expect anything in return. I believe that there's a time for everything, there was something we both had to learn from our meeting and may be, somewhere, we both did. I emerged stronger and realized my capability to love someone. She learnt to value people and their feelings and testified, to herself, her love and commitment to her partner.

Everything happens for a reason. Achievement lies in realizing the purpose.


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