Christmas celebrations | Recalling convent school days

Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends and readers! I have been waiting so long for this day to come so that I could share with you guys my very merry Christmas celebration experience at school.
I have spent 5 years studying at a convent school in India and in the meantime, learnt quite a lot about Christianity. I made many Christian friends and in fact, one of my best friends is a Christian too! The religion, just like any other religion, asks its followers to be good humans and to serve humankind by sacrificing, being benevolent, doing charity and by being forgiving. I was very lucky to have met such people in the foremost years of my life.

25th of December is an off in India, so, the celebrations are usually done in advance, somewhere around a day or two in advance. The aura of celebration could be felt the moment one entered the opulent gate of the school with little kids and teachers dressed up as Santa and the gardens surrounding the entrance beautifully decorated with various glittery decorative items and a crib designed in a way that summarized the whole story. The celebrations used to start early in the morning with an assembly where the participating students used to perform a skit on the birth of Jesus and his crucification.

The best part about the celebration used to be that the students were allowed to wear whatever they wished to. There was no compulsion of wearing the school uniform. The dress planning used to begin as early as a month before Christmas and these plannings were not limited to girls alone. The boys used to be equally excited about their attire. After the assembly, the class teachers used to take us to the playground where all the students used to share cake and coffee and other dishes. There used to be a 'Jam Session' where a DJ used to play the latest Bollywood and Hollywood numbers to which the students used to groove until the last minute of the celebration. I never missed a single celebration!!

The vibes surrounding Christmas is inexplicable. From Christmas carols to extravagantly decorated Christmas trees, from the positivity imbibing hymns to the baking of love. Every single thing related to Christmas brings with it the breeze of love and beautiful memories.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas!
Stay blessed! :)


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