Coporate spirituality

Corporate world is fraught of money, prestige, competition and “Chanakyaniti”. From the age old corporate culture of achieving something by hook or by crook, to the changing concept of working by mandating taking into consideration planet and society in production cost, spiritualism has a lot to say here

From the internet raving over meditation practices taking place in big and small corporates alike, my blog is going to say a little something extra. When talking about corporate spirituality, I mean not merely practicing Yoga or meditation etc. but, to give all the workers a respectful and valued environment, basically everything that can help people have a stress-free mind.
This is especially true in a world where resources are present and are easily accessible, taking advantage of which, people are making their own living without really having to work for anyone! In such a scenario, if a company wants talent, it needs to give more than just monetary baits.

So, having said that, the question that arises is, how not involving spirituality in the work culture, affects profits? Let’s do a quick cost-benefit analysis here. According to the stats provided by Health and Safety Executive (HSE), In UK in 2016, over 5,26,000 workers of various occupations, suffered from work related stress, depression and anxiety which led to the loss of 12.5 million working days in the same year! Think, a group of an ineffably large number of various sized firms whose combined per day earning is at least millions, would have lost an unimaginable amount of potential earnings in just a single day, and we are talking about 365 days here, that too taking only one country into consideration! Try and calculate the loss of potential earnings of the world if I tell you that over 300 million people of all age groups in the world were or are still, suffering from depression. (Source: WHO)
The point that I am trying to make here is that gone are the days of Marx’s theory of exploitation of resources to reap maximum benefits. Today, in order to have the best, corporations need to give their best. Workers are not mere resources anymore. Rather, they are assets to a firm. The key to retaining loyal, skilled and experienced workers is to value them in kind.
Simple things like not getting irritated over little issues, discouraging dirty politics in office, being supportive and helping to subordinates and juniors and rewarding hard work (not just the end result) and maintaining humane working hours so that they can have time for themselves and their family to have a healthy work-life balance, are a few ways bosses can have their office desks occupied with loyal, trustworthy, healthy, happy and productive workers.
Remember that valuing humanity is the new mantra for a successful corporate future.


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