Difference between Clinical depression and depression associated with spiritual awakening

Generally, the initial stage of awakening is very hard to deal with, it is like standing on a mountain of unanswered questions on a moonless dark night. It feels as if you will go crazy with so many failures and so much sadness in life. But, you would notice that despite of so many worries, questions, unhappiness and loneliness, you would be able to endure it all. You would find it strange as to how you are getting all the strength from. You would realize that you are much stronger than you thought you were.
All this happens because the moment you are awakened, you are guided by guiding spirits who are nothing but the souls who lived on earth before you and traveled the same path as you did and ultimately found God within themselves. They are souls on a higher dimension than yours. These guiding angels/spirits induce their positive energy in you so that you are able to progress further in the spiritual journey. There is a difference between depression as a mental illness and depression as a part of the spiritual journey. 

The depression caused by mental illness causes people to commit suicide whereas unhappiness experienced as a part of spiritual awakening is for a purpose. it is for the soul to get closer to people's sufferings and get the mind rid of any prejudice and judgments and little by little shedding the human's superfluous nature, it happens for your soul to become pure so that you can serve the true purpose you are born for. Just for example, it might be that something happened in your life (say, for example, someone died whom you were very close to because of the negligence of greedy doctors) that triggered the awakening, and for that reason you decided to pursue medicine, become a doctor, and never let something like this happen to any other family. Mother Teresa, at a very young age said that she received a calling within a calling from a higher power above that led her to devote her entire life to poor kids of India and Bangladesh. That's the difference between medical depression and spiritual depression.

Some people (whose real cause of unhappiness is spiritual awakening) consider themselves to be clinically depressed and resort to medicines. This is what I did too! and my blogging partner resorted to drugs. It has been 6 months since I have been on antidepressants. Initially the medicines raised the serotonin levels in my neurons and I thought, "wow! the meds are working. I am finally happy!" But, soon I realized that the medicines can only have effects on our body, not our soul. The effects of the meds (even the stronger ones), disappeared in no time! we (I and my blogging partner) realized that nothing alien can make one happy. one's happiness lies within oneself. one could have various 'sources' of happiness. It could be a person, one's work ( please take note here, when I say "work", I am eliminating the superfluous aspects like the 'post' at which one is and the 'salary'/'profit' that one is receiving) and that's absolutely fine. But in those mountains of unanswered questions on a moonless dark night, you are unknowingly trekking the path to lightness. Slowly and slowly, unknowingly, as you trek the path of this journey, you will be able to see a divine light. This simply means that as you progress in the journey with your guides inducing divine energy into you, you yourself become capable of answering your own questions. Slowly the treacherous path will lead to the light of true happiness.

If I and my blogging partner and many other people could reach this far, so can you. Just remember one thing- never give up and go with the flow, never resist change. Death doesn't mean an end, it means the beginning of something new.


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