Do you deserve her?

Whether in a relation or not, if you have feelings for your girl, then, you really need to test how genuine your feelings are for her so that the peaked emotions in you don't become misleading. Here are six ways to tell if you really deserve her or not.

1. You respect her and her space
If you respect your woman's opinions and requests, listen to her peacefully, then, give yourself a pat on your back. Today, women are much independent in all aspects than they were earlier and that's why they demand their own space - to have some time alone, to spend some time with their friends and the like. To give a woman her space is one of the most precious gifts a civilized man can give to her woman.

2. You consider her your family
Do you see your woman as important to you as your family? If yes, then, well done,you have proved another point to yourself for deserving her. Make sure, you also question yourself if this importance is because of the peaked emotions or is it something that you feel will last lifelong.

3. You don't take out your frustration on her
Life is fraught of ups and downs, I mean, who likes a flat life, anyway! Things could be a bed of roses in the present or even in the immediate future, but life can show its ugly side anytime! You need to ask yourself that if things go wrong in your life, will her presence at that time comfort you or irritate you. You also need to do a self-evaluation if you lose your temper quite often in her presence. If you think, your woman might become a mere punching bag for you in unfavourable circumstances then, be a man, and change yourself or simple let her go. She deserves better.

4. You do your best to keep her happy in all circumstances
Its a well said proverb that money can't buy happiness. No matter how much money you spend on your woman, at the end of the day, she would value your presence, love and support more than any gifts. Even if you are broke or don't earn "enough" but you do everything that is humanely possible to cheer her up, then, my dear reader, you truly deserve her!

5. You are ready to take responsibilities associated with a relation
When I say "responsibilities", I don't mean monetary responsibilities. Rather, I mean, emotional responsibility. Doing the usual activities that she does when she is unable to do it, cooking for her, being her backbone in her tough days, being happy in her happiness no matter how bad things are for you and being sad in her sadness no matter how wonderful your own life is. If you are someone who does any of this and the like, then you definitely deserve her.

6. You make her feel the most beautiful woman on this planet
Every girl is beautiful, but it needs words to make them realize that. Nothing can be a more valuable praise for your woman than her beauty expressed from your mouth. You need not necessarily say that she has beautiful eyes, lips, nose, hair etc. Even if you praise her touch on you, her smell, her aura, her presence, nothing else will be more capable of bringing a beautiful smile on her face than this.

Remember, gone are the days when women needed men, today, if they are with you, it means, they want you. Be deserving. Be a man!


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