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Welcome to our travelogue!

India is an amazing place to explore. From beaches, mountains to volcanoes, you will get it all! But such a big place with thousands of options, it is very easy to get confused. This post will be covering the places that we visited in Jaipur, how to reach there, how much did it cost us, and the review of the hotel that we stayed in. This was a trip of 3 nights and 4 days. So, if you are an Indian who wishes to have a change in your humdrum or a foreign tourist who has a passion for ancient and royal architecture and beauty, then please keep reading.

It was Thursday evening and we had a bus to catch at 7.30 PM. The bus was a volvo which we had booked at R.S.R.T.C's website which cost us approximately INR 800 each and INR 1600 to and fro (lesser for female travelers). The bus was on time and we reached Sindhi Camp bus station at 12.30 AM.

We had booked a room at Chandragupt Fort Hotel from makemytrip.com. The above is a picture of the 'final' room that we stayed in. By final we mean, late at night, for 2 hours, we kept changing rooms as there was some or the problem with every room! Some had irreparable flushes and some were so damn tiny with no ventilation, that we felt we would suffocate! we had chosen this hotel by seeing its "spacious" ethnic looking rooms and the view from the rooms. But the moment we entered, we realized two things:
1. Things are not always the way they seem to be
2. If you book rooms from makemytrip.com or any other hotel booking site at discounts, the hoteliers will treat you like beggars and give you the worst rooms.

Anyway, cleanliness wise too, the hotel didn't stand out. We paid around INR 1700 per day for the room which included breakfast, and I kid you not guys, that and the lobby were the only 2 "worth-the-money" things there! Below is the picture of the restaurant there.

So, quickly, let me summarize the pros and cons of staying in Chandragupta Fort Hotel,
  • Very near to almost everything in Jaipur
  • 5 minutes walking distance to Sindhi Camp Bus Station
  • Good Food, both quantity and quality wise.
  • Images on booking websites are deceptive
  • Thumbs down to cleanliness
  • Service is average
  • Amenities are not well maintained. 
  • Bar lacks variety and inventory! Lol! :P
Day 1

We started with our exploration on Friday night by going to Jal Mahal followed by Albert Hall museum and FBar. We hired an auto and the ride cost us INR 100 from our hotel. It had rained that day and that's why the weather was superb! But with the rain came electricity cut on streets and elsewhere and that's why Jal Mahal looked something like this:

It looks stunning even without ambient lighting, but imagine its beauty with ambient lights!
Okay, then came the turn of Albert hall museum. The auto ride from Jal Mahal to Albert Hall cost us INR 100. We saw it just from the outside because the entry closes around 5.30 PM, and we were clearly very late! But we clicked pictures of it, and it looked stunning:

Then came the turn of tasting the night life of Jaipur! For that, we went to F Bar in Jaipur which was at the rooftop of Hotel Golden Tulip and the decision of going there was a good one because of the beautiful weather! Unfortunately guys, we couldn't click pictures there as our phone's battery had died.

Day 2
Since, we couldn't enter the museum at night, we started with Albert Hall Museum during the day so that we could explore it from the inside. The entry ticket cost us INR 40 each.The pictures are available on my Instagram page (@the_guides01). The pictures will definitely pique the interest of history lovers and those who are curious about royal belongings.
Our next stop was the infamous Hawa Mahal. Unlike others, we didn't see it from the inside, rather, we savored it's outer beauty from a rooftop opposite to the Mahal. It was the rooftop of a very small restaurant called 'Wind View' cafe from where the Mahal looks something like this:

From this rooftop, you can faintly see some forts far away (video on my instagram page: @the_guides01).
So, instead of the Mahal, the opposite rooftop should be your go to destination! :p
From here we went to Bapu Bazaar and Johri Bazaar, which are the local flea markets there. We purchased quite a few things from there like Lak bangles, wooden prints and other small yet beautiful things.

Locals say that Bapu bazaar is expensive than Johri Bazaar, but in our opinion, the price difference was negligible! We found the same stuff and variety in both the markets and the same quoted prices. Bargaining potential too was the same in both markets. So, we don't think you should think twice before making your purchase from Bapu Bazaar!
Next came the turn of Jaipur City Palace. There is an entry ticket which cost us INR 190 each, I guess. This is for Indian tourists, for foreign tourists it was more. In this amount the visitors could see the art and painting hall, textile hall and crafts hall. Apart from this, if you wish to visit Jaigarh Fort, you have the option of taking the entry ticket from the City Palace entry counter itself. But we didn't include that in our package because we knew it would be too late by the time we explore the City Palace. The Palace was truly amazing, the king must be a really rich man!! :p Here is one snap:

This place is huge! So, don't forget to take your water bottles with you. There's was one hall, unable to recall which one, never mind! There was a man there who was selling itra (perfume from natural materials), he had some amazing fragrances! You should definitely visit that man's stall.

After we left this place, it was time for the place that we had been dying to visit! It was Nahargarh Fort! I kid you not, this is the best place to visit at night. First things first, how we reached there? We hired an auto who charged us INR 700, we know it sounds too much, but it was worth it. Why? Because it was about an hour's drive, he waited there for about 3 hours and again drove us near our hotel. The video of the auto ride to the fort is on our Insta page and it's amazing! One can see entire Jaipur from the top most part of this place and when it's dark, the city glows with lights and looks like you are gazing at stars below you. This snap will explain things better:

It was only 6.30 PM when this shot was taken. (More pictures on Instagram).
This place is so quiet that one can have some good alone time. There is also one fine dining restaurant there and also a small restaurant for snacks (Padao restaurant) which is at a little greater height from where the view is even more beautiful. To go there, you need to pay INR 100 extra.

Our trip ended there guys. We loved the place, not just for the beautiful forts or markets but also for the comparatively clean air and lovely and honest people there. We had our return bus to board at 10 AM on Sunday and we reached New Delhi around 3.30 PM.

P.S. If you are a foreigner and travelling independently, the autowalas could charge you more, so, don't get conned, do your research well. Basic fare is INR 25 plus INR 8 for every extra kilometer. Don't be a miser either, it's okay to pay 10-20 bucks more than the actual fare. The entire trip cost us INR 7000 per head.
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Happy Travelling! :) :)

P.P.S. If you haven't watched our travel video from Delhi to Pushkar, here's the video for you to enjoy!


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