Feeling empty - Signs, Causes and Treatment

Do you sometimes feel nothing? Do you often feel no emotions whatsoever? Do you think like your emotional system has gone numb? Well, if that's so, you sure need to read this article.

1. You feel nonchalant about anything or anyone around you, sometimes, even for people who are otherwise very close to you.
2. You lack energy to do anything
3. You don't "feel" like doing even the most basic things or the things that are expected from you because you think that the activities you do lack "real' meaning or purpose.
4. You start isolating yourself from everyone.

5. You feel a void in life and to fill it, you start engaging in purposeless activities like doing excessive unnecessary work, excessive shopping, eating, sleeping etc. and ultimately, at the end of the day, question your activities again!

Broadly speaking, the causes of feeling empty can be classified under three activities:
1. Emotional distress: A good way to know if the reason for you feeling empty lies under this category is to ask yourself the following questions- 
  • Was there a recent fight at my home that overwhelmed me?
  • Did my recent breakup/divorce pushed me into overthinking?
  • Did the constant/recent insult at my office made me lose confidence?
  • Did the constant failures in my life made me lose faith in myself?
  • Do I hate myself?
  • Do I feel that I am not being/have not been loved enough?
  • Am I trying too hard to suppress my desires and feelings? Am I being forced to do so?

If the answer to any on the above questions is yes, then your emptiness could be because you are emotionally distressed which could be due to recent incident that might have had a negative impact on your emotions. If this is so, then, you need to be patient, just like things have suddenly gone bad, they will turn good in no time! The key is to NEVER lose confidence in yourself. After all, even the most genius in the world were laughed upon.

2. Mood disorder(s) like depression/bipolar disorder: If you are suffering from depression (click here to know the symptoms), then, feeling empty could be a part of this illness. If your symptoms have prolonged quite a lot, it's highly advisable to seek medical help. With timely treatment, the feeling of emptiness should subside eventually.

3. Spiritual awakening: If you don't know what spiritual awakening is, then you must check out this article to know about spiritual awakening in depth. Questioning the purpose of life is the first thing that happens when one is awakened and the feeling of emptiness is a result of this. If you feel that nothing really substantial has changed in your life and you still feel empty, it could be because you are spiritually awakened. You are searching for a purpose in your life and are thinking or have already made up your mind to change your course of activities and thoughts in order to find inner peace and happiness. 

  • First things first, If anyone you know feels empty, show them love and make them feel understood. That's the first step to treatment no matter what the cause of their emptiness might be. Hug them, speak words of confidence and faith to them.
  • If you are the one feeling empty, then, you need to remember that everyone has a purpose in life and that need not require you to be successful, famous, or materially powered, a purpose of life could be as simple as balancing your Karma or to be a better husband/wife/daughter/son/human etc. Know what is triggering the feeling of emptiness and try to avoid that trigger as much as you possibly can.
  • Many a times, people think that it's "normal" to feel like this, but the truth is that they are unaware of their feelings. So, another step would be to make them aware that this feeling is not normal and that they need to change it by taking appropriate steps.


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