Lord Krishna - Another name for spirituality

Lord Krishna, a Hindu God. This is what people identify the name "Krishna" with, but this isn't entirely true.

True, Lord Krishna has been mentioned in Hindu mythology only, but he represents more than just religion, he is another name for spirituality. I personally haven't read Geeta but I have heard a lot about the underlining Shlokas from a dear friend and subordinate at my current office. She is a 54 year old lady and I am 24, yet her thoughts on life match mine. She is the one to have brought me to the concept of Krishna Conscious.

I have always been a firm Krishna devotee since childhood but never knew that being his willing devotee is the first step to spiritualism. In my childhood, for me, Krishna had been a God, a friend, a gee nee. It is only now that I know the real meaning of Krishna.

My Subordinate tells me that Krishna has always been righteous, he never preached religion or relations. According to him, life should be balanced i.e. Spiritualism doesn't mean to completely give up one's hobbies and worldly pleasures, it means to know beyond what is known. To discover one's power of the mind, to do charity (by service, not necessarily with money) without bragging about it and to do good deeds. By worshiping Lord Krishna, one not only gets what one desires, but is also blessed with happiness, joy and satisfaction. When our wishes get fulfilled, we do get happy, but that's momentary.
After sometime, we again desire more and wait for being happy after getting the new wish fulfilled. This becomes a cycle and our happiness comes but never stays. By worshiping Lord Krishna and following his principles, one receives more than just materialistic pleasure, one receives happiness!

Despite of hearing the mantra all my life and being born to Hindu parents myself, I have always underrated it thinking that it's like promoting religion and I do not believe in any religion as such. It was only after I met my subordinate, I realized that this mantra holds the magic to priceless possession of joy and abundance. Today, whenever I am free and literally have nothing to do to keep my mind busy, I simply chant this mantra:-
Hare krishna, Hare krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.
Hare Ram, Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare

My subordinate once told me that people meet each other for a purpose. Once that purpose is fulfilled, they are free to move on. This is what happened in our case as well, she successfully fulfilled her purpose of meeting me by sowing the seed of awareness about Krishna and clearing the clouds of doubts in my mind about Krishna and spirituality.
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