My love for myself

I am a human and I am social. I have a  family and I work. I have friends and may be foes as well. My body is young but my mind, centuries old. At least, this is what I feel. Yet my spirits are a perfect blend of both ages.

I savor tranquility and groove on loud music. I listen and I voice my opinions. I am brave and I am afraid. I am sane and I am crazy. I adore pleasing my loved ones and yet I am not a people-pleaser. I love looking presentable and I loathe being pressurized to look good all the time.

Loneliness scares me and yet I need my time alone because I value my love for myself. I pamper myself, give a toast to myself, I party with myself, I gift myself because I value my love for myself. I praise myself for coming this far in life and growing as a human and as a spiritual being. All this because I value the love for myself because I know that I need to love myself in order to love the world.


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