10 sure signs you are born to be a spiritual healer

Physical healing is done by doctors but what about emotional and soul healing (Chakra Healing/reiki energy healing)? For that there are spiritual healers or light workers. If you experience all or more than 7 of these signs then you could be a spiritual healer.
Before starting, let me apprise you that I too realized about the presence of this power in me only after I was forced by life to use my powers on myself. Yes, on myself. The realization of needing a psychic healer for myself, I discovered my own spiritual energy. Here are 10 sure signs of a spiritual healer:

  1. You feel the urge of helping others in whichever way you can.
  2. You get drawn to people who need some kind of emotional help. You do everything to fix people who are emotionally broken.
  3. You are highly intuitive.
  4. People in general and children in particular, get drawn to you because they often feel that you understand them and feel your presence soothing. People open up to you easily than they do to anyone else.
  5. You feel like you have moved a little further away from the materialistic world and have started a spiritual journey.
  6. You feel you have become or have always been extremely sensitive to people’s emotions. This means that even in places that are moderately crowded or in fact, hardly have any people around, you get easily overwhelmed. This happens because your energy has expanded far more than the combined energies of the people around you. This is like your energy is bringing the energies of others’ in its ambit, making you confused and overwhelmed.
  7. You have intuitive dreams of numbers, your ancestors, places you have never been to, past life flashes, etc. for yourself and your friends and family.
  8. You like to be close to nature more than ever. Going on trips to relatively untouched places to enjoy the beauty of the nature rather than going to big cities, planting trees or gardening, sudden or deepened love for animals.
  9. You often have issues with your neck and shoulders and/or suffer or have suffered from some mental disorders like depression, severe anxiety, one particular phobia etc.
  10. You are a good listener. Don't confuse it with being less voluble. Not all quiet people are good listeners!
One last bonus sign of being a spiritual healer is that you sense major changes at the very root of your existence which makes you want to help others going through it. Hence, you start googling for the signs and try and ask like-minded people around you about the changes that are happening within you and probably this is the reason that you are reading this in the first place!
If you are experiencing any of the signs at the moment, I highly suggest you to never stop your search or halt your journey of being a light-worker. More than others, it is your soul that is asking you to do it. This is why it has been sent on earth.
Lastly, let me apprise you that there is no way of ‘inculcating’ the properties or gifts of a chakra healer, one can only nurture what one already has. So, nurture your gift. You are the lucky one!


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