The Art of letting go

Remember when you just started writing, how much pressure you put on the pencil and the paper? The outcome? cute little kiddish handwriting on a torn page! :P Slowly as you progressed, you realized, that improvement in your handwriting and speed came with ease and eventually the hold on the pen/pencil wasn't that hard anymore.
Similar to this is our life. Our habit to hold on to things, memories and people often tear the precious stages of our life. I understand that this isn't easy, but as I always say in almost all of my posts, if it is not easy, it isn't impossible as well! 

Often, when we don't get what we desire, we get frustrated, sad, angry and all the negative thoughts start building their nest in our mind. But if you thank the universe for what you have instead of complaining what you don't, your life will be enviously happy. Sounds like a truism? well, it is true and effective nevertheless.  

Don't have that high paying job that you always dreamt of? Let go and take up any paying job and enjoy the monetary independence. Instead of pondering over why you are in such a situation, thank the universe for whatever you have in your hand. Go party with your friends, go shopping, donate, or simply brag on your daily bargain win with the auto-rickshaw driver because after all, every penny that you have now, is your own!

Sick? Think of your time in bed as the only time when you can take your revenge by demanding absolute nonsense stuff and still get them fulfilled. Make sickness a joke, laugh it off. The laughter will only shoo away your illness quicker than ever. This one time, my mother had to get a minor surgery done but because of the preoccupation of the OT, the operation was delayed for a good 4 hours. During her time in the patient-waiting room, she met patients who had to get themselves operated for much serious illnesses and how they were joking around about everything that surrounded them. This attitude of the patients, helped my mom let go of her own tension of the operation, and she realized how the whole journey of getting operated became much easy.

I understand that there are a lot more serious issues than these, that's why I am going to pin-point one specific case, that is my own. I have been bereaving the separation of a person very close to me. So close that the separation can be compared to quad-limb amputation. It took me over 10 years to let go of the desire to have that person back in my life. Today, when I think of them, I don't shed tears, I only pray for their well-being and  thank the universe for making me realize the true meaning of love, even if that came to me in a painful way, but I know that the more I cling to their memories and the desire to see them again, the more, I will miss the opportunity to move ahead in life.

It isn't that the art of letting go comes after such long intervals of time, it totally depends on how ready we are to detach ourselves from the things that bother us, hurt us and hinder our growth. People, sudden changes in circumstances, mishaps, events etc. are like stations in our journey, The more we wait at one station, the more time it will take for us to reach our destination. The quicker we are to explore the place with the mindset that the station is just another station among many stations that have passed and are to come, the more happy the journey becomes for us.

There would be times in your life when you would meet people whom you would despise because of the way they behave with you or react to things around them or simply because of their habits that they deem "fine". When you know you can't change people, simply focus on your own script.
Let go of the things that you have no control over, grab the opportunities that life gives you and make your own unique recipe of life with the things at hand. This surely will amaze you of your capabilities.


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