Travel and Spirituality

You must be wondering, what has travel to do with spirituality? Or that how can travelling make one spiritual? The answer to this lies in this article.
Let me take you down my memory lane before I start explaining anything. This one time, I was going with my mum to meet my uncle living in Copenhagen. We had to catch a connecting flight from Helsinki, Finland. The waiting time was of about 40 minutes.

While waiting in the lounge for the boarding to be announced, I met two friends, one was Taiwanese and the other Chinese and the fun fact was that they didn't know each other's language, neither did they speak any third language! They were so friendly that they asked me about my trip, where I come from, which countries I would be visiting in Europe etc., all through gestures and broken English! I was so amazed at their friendship that I tried asking them,  through gestures, as to how they became friends. Using her hands and fingers, one of the duo tried telling me that they became friends while chatting on some social media. They used "Google Translate" to chat! Those few minutes in a foreign land among foreign people, being foreigners themselves, taught me a very important lesson- love and friendship know no bounds!  
With this example I want you to know that being spiritual, in a nutshell, means only two things- to be wise and a good human. When you visit new places, you meet different people, get to know their culture, their thoughts, lifestyle, some people's stories might influence your actions and change your life forever, for good. You get to see breathtaking views, learn to be independent, learn to know different people, you may even form bonds with some for life! You become a whole human.

Wisdom doesn't come with age, but with one's life experiences. The more you travel, the more you experience and the more wise you become. The combination of the two, in fact, lead you further ahead on the path of spirituality.

So pack your bags and hit the road, because it is the road that will help you reach eternal bliss!


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