Travelogue- Pushkar

I recently went to Pushkar in Rajasthan, India, for a small family get-together. The plan began with my mom's desire to visit the only temple of the Hindu Lord Brahma built in the 14th century and the plan, then, got converted into a small family trip to Rajasthan. Pushkar is a three hour drive from Jaipur. This place is one of many Hindu pilgrimage places and the story behind this place will definitely pique your interest.
Lord Brahma is known to be born out of the navel of Lord Vishnu, the creator of the universe, and he lives for 100 years. One day of Lord Brahma is equivalent to several years on earth and it is believed that many such Brahma have been born in the past and will continue to be born in the future as well. The story behind the humongous temple of Brahma goes like this:

Lord Brahma wished to perform a grand prayer at Pushkar for which he invited all the lords and assigned them work. All of them worked with full zeal for the grand prayer to be successful. The prayer was such that required Lord Brahma to perform the rituals with his wife, Savitri, at the auspicious time. Lord Brahma asked his son, Naarad, to summon his mother. When Naarad Muni went on to ask his mother to go with him to the Prayer, she replied by saying that she would be there with her friends on time.

Naarad Muni conveyed his mother’s message to his father. Worried that Savitri might be late, he married another lady named Gayatri and started performing the prayer. When Savitri got to know about Lord Brahma’s second marriage, she was hurt and got so furious that she cursed Lord Brahma that Pushkar will be the only place where he will be worshiped. There will be no other place in the world where he would be worshiped.

After Savitri’s anger cooled down, she realized the harm her curse caused to Lord Brahma and the world. To rectify her mistake, she blessed her husband that anyone who would want to get their familial wishes fulfilled and want Moksha, would get it if they come to Pushkar and worship Lord Brahma. People visit the temple for peace of the souls of their ancestors and for their own Moksha.

The picture above is of the Sarovar (holy lake) which is believed to be Lord Brahma himself who is the only Hindu God to be present in the form of water. All other water forms in India are believed to be Goddesses.

So, this new year’s eve, thank the universe for the life you have and the people who love you because if you have people around you who love you and whom you love, you are truly blessed. Celebrate 2018 by thanking such people in your life.

One sentence of love can make a river of positivity flow in a person!
Love, thank and love more. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

P.S. if you haven't already watched our road journey from Delhi to Jaipur and Puskar, do watch it below.

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