Whom should you marry?

Marriage, sounds heavy, right? Marriage is the connection between soulmates and twin souls. This is the reason why the decision to marry should not be taken in haste. The aim should be to find your twin flame. More than seeing flaws and attributes in others, this decision should be more of self questioning and discovery and the search for twin flames love. Seek inside and discover the person that you are and then jump on to the next step of evaluating the other. Also, Let me tell you that the calendar for "marriageable age" doesn't exist in the modern dictionary, but what matters is choosing the right person.
Here are a few tips for choosing your partner for a lifetime.

1. Love
The first and the most important factor when thinking of marriage should be love. Nothing else matters, trust me on this! People often consider financial and family background before considering marriage but forget about emotional compatibility. Think for a second... How on earth can financial stability and a healthy family tree guarantee a happy marriage? When two people are in love, a twin flame unconditional love, nothing else matters, it shouldn't, at least.

2. Comfort of being you
Marry the one with whom you can be you! Someone who accepts you for the person that you are and not for what you can be or had been. Someone who gives you the freedom to express your most repressed thoughts. Someone who is their real self with you. This is the best way to identify your soulmate.

3. Choose the one who challenges you for you betterment
Marry someone who keeps nagging you to do things that you have never done before, even if that means taking care of yourself! Twin flames soul mates signs is when your partner does this. Marry the one who pushes you to explore new avenues that you had never thought of because of various reasons. Such a person will make you discover yourself in a manner you had never imagined.

4. Tie the knot with a person for whom you can take all the pain in the world
You can't expect the other to be true to you if your are not true to yourself. Before expecting the other to sacrifice their life for you, question yourself if you value the person to the extent that you would not hesitate to take any pain for them. After all, it's a commitment of a lifetime and life is full of surprises! If you are willingly ready to bear any emotional and physical pain for the person, then, this gives you a green signal for marrying them. Remember that willingness is very important here, doing something out of compulsion will only rip off your happiness.

5. Hold the hand of the person whom you can trust with your emotions
Trusting someone with your emotions is the biggest and the most pure form of trust in this universe. It is like handing over your heart and soul to the person. In a nutshell, I am talking of willing loyalty to each other. If you know someone who will never let tears roll down your eyes, no matter what the circumstances, then, don't think twice in spending the rest of your life with them.

Lastly, a happy marriage is dependent solely on love, support, trust, loyalty and the willingness to never let go. Nothing, nothing, and nothing else matters!


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