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Trip to Jaipur and Pushkar

If you are a history lover and royal enthusiast, there's no better place to visit than Rajasthan, India.
This post will cover the following things: 1.How you can reach Jaipur and Pushkar 
      2. Which is the best hotel to stay in, both, in terms of cost and comfort .    3. What all can be done in a weekend at these two places

I went to Jaipur and Pushkar for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) for some deviation from the humdrum. I had visited Jaipur earlier this year as well, but this time my motive was to visit the Brahma Sarovar in Pushkar and visit the places in Jaipur that I could't in my previous trip, which was also planned over a weekend.
So, I had booked a morning flight to Jaipur from but unfortunately couldn't make it on time as I took the most stupid decision of my life of going by Delhi Airport Express Metro. If you are a person considering going by metro, I caution you against it! Never do that because there's a waiting time of 15-20 minutes at every s…

Spiritual Meaning of Colours - Part 3

Hello everyone!

Here's the final video of the series of colour interpretations.

If you want to know about any colour in particular, then, please mention that in the comment section on YouTube and I shall get back to you as soon as I can.

Also, if you want any of your colour dreams to be interpreted, then, please do mention your dream in detail in the comment section on YouTube  and I will get back to you with the interpretation as soon as  possible.

Be Spiritual, Be Happy! :) :)

Spiritual meaning of colours - Part 2

Want to know what colour defines you and what different colours in your dream signify? If yes, then, this is the video you need to watch.

Couldn't find your colour of interest in the last video, watch this video which is second in the series of colour interpretations.

Be Spiritual, Be Happy! :) :)