Trip to Jaipur and Pushkar

If you are a history lover and royal enthusiast, there's no better place to visit than Rajasthan, India.

This post will cover the following things:
1.   How you can reach Jaipur and Pushkar 

      2. Which is the best hotel to stay in, both, in terms of cost and comfort
.    3. What all can be done in a weekend at these two places

I went to Jaipur and Pushkar for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) for some deviation from the humdrum. I had visited Jaipur earlier this year as well, but this time my motive was to visit the Brahma Sarovar in Pushkar and visit the places in Jaipur that I could't in my previous trip, which was also planned over a weekend.

So, I had booked a morning flight to Jaipur from but unfortunately couldn't make it on time as I took the most stupid decision of my life of going by Delhi Airport Express Metro. If you are a person considering going by metro, I caution you against it! Never do that because there's a waiting time of 15-20 minutes at every station and each station is 10-15 minutes apart. So, if you apply basic math, your precious 40 minutes are gone in a train! This is not all, there's 10-15 minutes auto/bus ride to the airport after you deboard at Aerocity metro station. You can easily reach the airport via road in less than this time.

After spending hours in anxiety, I made it to the airport 20 minutes before the actual time of the flight but by then, the gates to the flight were closed. I missed my flight! :( :( 
I took the next flight and went rushing to another terminal (T3) which took me another 20 minutes to reach! Finally, I could board this one.

The moment I landed at the Sanganer airport in Jaipur, I and my friend drove to Pushkar. Unfortunately, the internet service was disabled that day in the entire state due to some entrance exam (something I have never heard of)! This gave us a hard time reaching Pushkar and in fact, finding a way back as well!
Somehow, using the ancient old trick of asking people about the way and carefully reading the sign boards, we could reach the Brahma Sarovar. We couldn't go to the Temple because by the time we reached there, the temple was closed and was to open only at 3 P.M. 

The picture above is of the Sarovar (holy lake) which is believed to be Lord Brahma himself who is the only Hindu God to be present in the form of water. All other water forms in India are believed to be Goddesses.

We took a guide and he did nothing but tell us the history of this temple. He just narrated us the story, nothing else and now I realize why these guides don’t ask anything more than INR 50 – because they know there’s nothing to guide in the first place. The story was interesting, nevertheless. It goes like this:

Lord Brahma is known to be born out of the navel of Lord Vishnu, the creator of the universe, and he lives for 100 years. One day of Lord Brahma is equivalent to several years on earth and it is believed that many such Brahma have been born in the past and will continue to be born in the future as well. The story behind the humongous temple of Brahma goes like this:

Lord Brahma wished to perform a grand prayer at Pushkar for which he invited all the lords and assigned them work. All of them worked with full zeal for the grand prayer to be successful. The prayer was such that required Lord Brahma to perform the rituals with his wife, Savitri, at the auspicious time. Lord Brahma asked his son, Naarad, to summon his mother. When Naarad Muni went on to ask his mother to go with him to the Prayer, she replied by saying that she would be there with her friends on time.

Naarad Muni conveyed his mother’s message to his father. Worried that Savitri might be late, he married another lady named Gayatri and started performing the prayer. When Savitri got to know about Lord Brahma’s second marriage, she was hurt and got so furious that she cursed Lord Brahma that Pushkar will be the only place where he will be worshiped. There will be no other place in the world where he would be worshiped.

After Savitri’s anger cooled down, she realized the harm her curse caused to Lord Brahma and the world. To rectify her mistake, she blessed her husband that anyone who would want to get their familial wishes fulfilled and want Moksha, would get it if they come to Brahma Sarovar and worship Lord Brahma. People visit the temple for peace of the souls of their ancestors and for their own Moksha.

It is said that because of the curse, no prayers are performed at the temple. All prayers are done at the Sarovar (lake) itself. The funny part is that if you get influenced by the story and want to sit down as a couple and pray for your familial happiness, you will HAVE to pay something in the form of some form of Bhog (offering). Confused? I’ll explain. 
The least costly Bhog is “Ladoo” Bhog which costs INR 1000 (which is quite a lot even for a middle class person in India); apart from this there are 2 other Bhogs which are obviously higher in value than the “ladoo” Bhog. So, this means, if a really poor person wishes to pray for his/her family and their happiness, they can’t do it because they can’t afford a Bhog! Keeping this aside, the view of the sarovar is beautiful! You can sit there for as long as you desire and soak in the beauty and tranquility.

P.S. We didn’t make any Bhog. We don’t believe in monetizing God and we don’t believe that God is only for the rich. It is for everyone. So, it’s up to you to decide.

We drove back from there and checked in the hotel we booked. Here’s a review of the Hotel (rated on the scale of 10)

Name: Shahpura House, Jaipur
Room type booked: Royal Suite
Pictures v/s reality: True to some extent. The room we got was shown very spacious in the pictures but it was not at all like what we had expected. But it wasn’t bad either.
Cleanliness: 8
Service: Thumbs-up!
Free breakfast: Yes
Breakfast Quality and variety: 8
Couple friendly: Yes, irrespective of you and your partner being married or not; 10/10 (No questions asked)
Restaurant Quality: 6/10; the restaurant is unreasonably costly for the food you get. We paid almost INR 500 for just one soup, which tasted like sugar syrup mixed with a pinch of salt!
Cost for one night of one room for two people: INR 2000-5000+GST depending on site to site and the type of room booked. INR 5k onwards on on-hotel booking; 8/10
My Overall rating: 8/10

After freshening up a bit we went on to see Amer fort from a distance because entry to most of the forts are not allowed post 5 P.M. Below is the picture of the same.

Since were short of time, we couldn’t visit Chawki Dhani even this time! L L On Sunday morning we left for Delhi. We were short of cash and because of the internet issue it was extremely difficult to find a functioning ATM! So, carry enough cash with you especially if you have to deal with local shops, public transport etc. India still struggles with going cashless.
We stopped several times in between to eat, drink and do our business. The best place on the way to eat was CafĂ© Craft. There’s variety, taste and good quantity. Beware of ordering anything because the quantity you get is enough for 2 people and you definitely don’t want to overeat and feel sleepy while driving! Our subsequent stops were Hotel Highway King which you would find at every 20-30 km distance on NH-8.

Hotel Highway King review
Variety: 10/10; you don’t just get eatables there, but branded garments, gift shops too.
Overall Cleanliness: 8/10; didn’t see their kitchen though, so can’t comment.
Toilet Cleanliness: 9/10 in terms of the amount of public that uses the toilet! There are maids who keep cleaning the commodes at regular intervals
Food quality: 8/10
10/10; you can find it at every few KMs.

Airline review
1. Indigo (the one that I missed)
Fare: usually the cheapest after Air India
Meals: usually not on short flights
Crew: fair
Flight experience: based on my previous trip to other states in India, the landing and take off has generally, been smooth
Seats: comfortable. Enough leg space for tall people.

2. JetAirways (the one that I booked next)
Fare: usually higher than its competitors
Meals: Yes, even on short trips
Crew: fair
Flight experience: this was my first time travelling through JetAirways and the experience was good. The landing and take off was smooth, there was no turbulence at all and the flight landed 25 minutes before the scheduled time despite taking off on time.
Seats: will work. The seats were dirty (at least mine and the seat next to mine were), windows were unclean too.

Best time to visit Jaipur and Pushkar: spring or autumn

Total cost incurred – double flight cost :-( INR 13k for 2 people. (Note: only one of us came by air and both of us drove back home in a petrol driven car).

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