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How to be happy?

After addressing all the sadness and sufferings and the reasons behind them, talking about happiness is imperative. So, here is an article on how can one be happy under all circumstances. 
Human life is very moody. It can be very warm and friendly. Sometimes, showering all the good luck of the universe exclusively on you and sometimes, behave as if it is in the perfect mood to seek vengeance for God knows what! But irrespective of the ups and downs we get to see on the path of our life, we need to understand that walking the path will be less painful during rains and more enjoyable during sunshine if we remember to smile.
I understand that no two lives can be compared and no situation be relatively better or worse than the other and that's why the tips that I will be mentioning here do not "guarantee" happiness, but one thing I can assure is that the following tips can at least alleviate the sadness, if not get you jumping with joy.
#TIP 1: Accept the situation and act appr…

What is NOT spirituality

Spirituality is often misunderstood as something that is not even close to its concept. You would find articles and videos explaining spirituality, but you might not find much on what is NOT spirituality.
So, here are some myths on spirituality, busted.

1. The first thing that is not spirituality is being religious. Being spiritual and being religious are NOT synonymous. While being religious is to pray to God with the purpose of material gain, being spiritual, on the other hand means to desire only true and lasting happiness and be a good human. Spirituality means to be wise. If you are religious, you may or may not be wise, but if you are spiritual, you are definitely wise.  For example, history is the proof of how there have been wars and massacres in the name of religion and God across the globe. In fact, even today, we are witnessing some sects of people becoming victims of emotional, mental and physical abuse, all in the name of religion.