What is NOT spirituality

What is not spirituality?
Spirituality is often misunderstood as something that is not even close to its concept. You would find articles and videos explaining spirituality, but you might not find much on what is NOT spirituality.

So, here are some myths on spirituality, busted.

1. The first thing that is not spirituality is being religious. 

Being spiritual and being religious are NOT synonymous. While being religious is to pray to God with the purpose of material gain, being spiritual, on the other hand means to desire only true and lasting happiness and be a good human. Spirituality means to be wise. If you are religious, you may or may not be wise, but if you are spiritual, you are definitely wise.  For example, history is the proof of how there have been wars and massacres in the name of religion and God across the globe. In fact, even today, we are witnessing some sects of people becoming victims of emotional, mental and physical abuse, all in the name of religion.  

Spirituality is to believe that there is only one God (the supreme energy) irrespective of any religion existing on this planet. A person might go to the temple, Church, Mosque and still have ill will against other people and a person might be an atheist and still be a saint for the world! For spiritual people, what is most important is to be good human beings and to attain wisdom to free themselves from the cycle of life and death. For religious people, on the other hand, it is the material gain that matters and this is why they are more inclined towards praying to get something in return

2. Spirituality is NOT something that you can attain only in India

People (westerners) have this notion that India is the land of spirituality and that if you visit "religious" places in India, you would become spiritual. Let me tell you guys, this is not how it works. Please visit my country if you want to see monuments, take tuk-tuk rides, experience the beauty of mountains, deserts, beach, etc etc, but please don't come here with the mindset that you will attain "nirvana" here. In fact, you might only get duped in the name of spirituality.

3. Spirituality is NOT yoga or Namaste🙏. 

I have heard so many westerners saying that they are spiritual because they practice Yoga every day that they learnt in India and I have also seen people associating "Namaste" (Hindu form of greeting) with spirituality. This is far from the concept of spirituality!

Yoga is just a form of exercise for your body and mind and Namaste is just a Hindu form of greeting and Spirituality is an absolutely different concept. Please DO Not mix these things together.

4.  Spirituality does NOT necessarily mean that you have to lead a secluded life. 

People think that being spiritual is to sit on top of a mountain and meditate until death comes or that they are supposed to wear simple clothes and give away all comforts and live a minimalistic lifestyle. In reality, spirituality is to maintain a perfect balance between materialism and spiritualism, i.e. a balance between worldly pleasures and inner growth. It simply means to be a good human and to realize the truths of this universe like our deeds decide our next life and that death is the biggest truth and that a soul’s purpose on this planet is to learn from its past mistakes and get to the vibrational frequency of the supreme energy so that you free yourself from the cycle of birth and death. Being spiritual means to be better souls. Every little action counts- being polite, helping someone in need, donating something, helping a blind person cross the road, giving a pregnant woman your seat etc etc.
The holy book Geeta also says that remembering the Supreme Personality of Godhead doesn’t mean that you leave your routine, leave your work, your family, your property, No! It means to remember and involve the supreme energy in everything that you do. You could remember it by chanting the mantra, Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare On your way to work. You can read any holy book in your free time and be forever thankful to the universe for every good thing that happened to you and your loved ones.

5. Spirituality is NOT only for old people.

Spirituality is often perceived as an old age activity and young people who talk spiritual are often made fun of and laughed upon. But the truth is that spirituality is the biggest realization of life and this realization can dawn upon anyone at any point of time in one's life. 

Spiritually awakened people might have to suffer emotionally in order to be awakened, but they are any day, the most lucky ones as they don't have to live a life of lies and illusion.
So, these were pretty much the misconceptions that people have about spirituality and I really hope this helped clear any misconceptions or doubts.
You can also have a look at a video based on this topic that I uploaded on YouTube.


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