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3 reasons why you should NOT know your future

Whether it is a good or a bad time for us, whether you are young or old, whether it is for us or our loved one, we must have, at least once in our life been curious to know the future. We all have done it. Isn't it? But what if I tell you  that knowing your future is actually bad for you?

Off tracking a bit, I, personally, have been very keen, since childhood, on knowing my future. I used to be very excited to know what future holds for me. I used to  ask my mom to ask an astrologer regarding my career, I have had my phase of crazy obsession for tarot reading too. I have tried oracle as well! Anyway, my point of telling you this is that I am no saint who has no interest in their future whatsoever. What I am trying to say is that there came a point in my life where I realized that knowing my future is actually not good for my future, if that makes sense!

So, if you are someone as finicky as I was for knowing the future, read these three reasons as to why you should NOT know your fu…