3 reasons why you should NOT know your future

Whether it is a good or a bad time for us, whether you are young or old, whether it is for us or our loved one, we must have, at least once in our life been curious to know the future. We all have done it. Isn't it? But what if I tell you  that knowing your future is actually bad for you?

Off tracking a bit, I, personally, have been very keen, since childhood, on knowing my future. I used to be very excited to know what future holds for me. I used to  ask my mom to ask an astrologer regarding my career, I have had my phase of crazy obsession for tarot reading too. I have tried oracle as well! Anyway, my point of telling you this is that I am no saint who has no interest in their future whatsoever. What I am trying to say is that there came a point in my life where I realized that knowing my future is actually not good for my future, if that makes sense!

So, if you are someone as finicky as I was for knowing the future, read these three reasons as to why you should NOT know your future:

1.  Knowing your future decays your present

How does this happen? Well, it happens like so, when you approach a fortune-teller/astrologer and they tell you that your future might not be good, your natural tendency would be to ponder over it every single day and be tensed which will result in a bad health and a lost present. 

You would start worrying over something that has never happened which will further narrow any possibilities of a good future.

2. Knowing your future ruins your future!

I know it sounds contradictory, but it is actually not. It is simple, if you get to know that your future is secure and that all you would attain in life is success and wealth, you could have two possible reactions:

#Reaction 1 - You would take that as a motivation and work harder to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams and ambition.

#Reaction 2 - You would take it for granted thinking that luck is by your side always and that's why a trim in hard work would not matter much.

Now, you could fall in the first category of people and if that's so, kudos to you! But if you fall in the second category of people, like most would do, you might only end up falsifying the prediction of a good future! The point here is that people, generally, incorporate the prediction in their present when they should only be treating the prediction as an information with random errors.

Before I move to the final reason, let me give you an example of making my point clear to you.

The father of a famous Indian television  actress was once told by an astrologer that his daughter won't be able to do anything in life and she should be married off as soon as possible. The actress listening to this decided that she would prove his prediction wrong, which she did! She worked not only as a successful actress but is now thriving in her political career as well. Here she took the negative prediction as a motivation, not as a matter of worry and disappointment.

3. The law of manifestation/law of attraction backfires

In order to understand this, it is better to know what the law of attraction is which  you can read here.
The predictions make you "think", they alter your thought process, which in turn affect your actions. Consequently, altering your future.

If you think that you wouldn't get something because it has been predicted, you send energies to the universe as if you don't deserve it. The universe then, backfires by actually not giving you what you thought you would not get, hence, manifesting the prediction!
The logic is as simple as the phenomenon of realization of expectations. If you and many others, because of a prediction that cereal prices may rise in the future, suddenly rush to the stores to stock up cereal today to avoid surge prices in the future, you would actually end up hiking the price due to abrupt increase in the demand for cereal!

If you keep thinking that you would get what you want without really working enough for it, the energies that you send are that of someone who doesn't "need" that particular thing. The universal energies then, make sure that the worth of the wish doesn't diminish which results in people ending up with nothing of what was predicted for them.

It is best to let life move the way it is moving and go with the flow, grabbing every opportunity and making the best use of them. But if you don't like the direction of the flow, resist it and change the course. This is how life should be lived.


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