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Spiti Valley Travel Guide

Thanks for stopping by! Let me tell you that this is going to be a lengthy travleogue, so, in case you are in a hurry, you can simply watch a short film on our YouTube channel HERE. 

Day-1 (10-02-18) We started our journey from Panchkula and the first thing we did was to get fuel for our bikes. (two cans of 5 ltr each to back up after the full fuel tanks.)

Our first Halt was at Shimla old bus stop for tea and snacks at around 04:30 (temperature was around -4℃). Not used to the biting cold wind, our bodies were yet to be acclimatized with the cold weather. The tea was spilling out of the cups. We played music on bluetooth speakers and started dancing to warm up a bit.
We put on more layers before leaving from here to be able to confront the extreme weather to come.
 The sun came up while riding through the beautiful hills at around 06:30 near Kufri. (Picture above) Our group stopped at Narkanda for some repairing work and snacks..
Patches of black ice started from Kufri. We Had to ride …